Discord Plays Pokemon


Twitch Plays Pokemon, but for Discord


Prior Art

Technical goals

  • Low-cost to deploy on AWS.
    • It therefore shouldn’t require many cores or a GPU
  • Require as few dependencies on the host as possible.
  • 100% automation, no manual action required.


  • Discord doesn’t have a way for bots to stream video (there are APIs for audio), so we must use a “selfbot” or a “userbot”. This is against Discord’s terms of service, but it’s the only way forward. There are also no documented APIs for this.

Initial approach - webcam

Use a headful browser (Chrome) running Pokemon with EmulatorJS. Stream the video of headless browser to Discord. Use the stream video as a webcam input and pipe the audio as a microphone input.

This would require that the host could install kernel modules since there is a dependency on DKMS.


I was able to get audio working, but not video.

Pivoting - using screen share

I really wanted to get the webcam approach working because it felt relatively elegant, but I knew I could get it done quicker if I compromised. I used a real desktop environment with xvfb and no webcam. I used Discord’s screen share functionality instead.

After about two hours of effort, this yielded a working albeit slow proof-of-concept. xvfb is not hardware accelerated, so everything is happenning in software. This is a problem when you are encoding video. The application worked, but it was unacceptable slow. Even the audio was significantly delayed. I tried downsizing the resolution from 1280x720 to 640x576, but it was still too slow.

Make it fast - hardware acceleration

Next, I needed to make the application fast.

Attempting GPU acceleration with Nvidia and Chrome


Selkies: https://github.com/shepherdjerred/discord-plays-pokemon/commit/f510a9f000ea2f143a1a83ec1590d8f84f4a9db5

Chrome didn’t support Web RTC hardware acceleration on Linux, but Firefox did

Switch to Selenium due to Puppeteer limitations:


  • Disable screensaver
  • Auto-saving
  • Auto-loading game
  • Auto-loading most recent save
  • Turning bot off during inactivity
  • Web interface
  • Automatically setting Discord preferences for audio/video
  • Fully automating the process


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